Smoke in the Valley

We passed 5 beers along to the best of show judging in the Smoke in the Valley Homebrew contest. The Best of Show judging was conducted by beer writer and publisher Gregg Glaser and by brewer and proprietor of Willamantic Brewing, Dave Wollner. Here are the results:

1st Place: Imperial IPA brewed by Kyle Moran

. . . → Read More: Smoke in the Valley

Wine Season Open House

Our Wine Season Open House was a successful event enjoyed by many. We would like to thank Jeff from Bru Rm at Bar, Matt from Saranac Brewing, Marty from Sierra Nevada, Dave from Willamantic Brewing, Beaver Brewing Company, the Underground Homebrewers, Kevin who shared his meads with us and will be instructing our mead classes, . . . → Read More: Wine Season Open House

Beer Fault class at Maltose Express

Ben and Jie from B United Importing gave a beer fault class on Saturday August 4th at Maltose Express. Ben used four of the many beers they import: Apostelbrau Dinkel Bock, Hofftettner Heller Bock Saphir, Harviestoun Old Engine Oil and Thornbridge Kipling South Pacific Style Pale Ale and added a fault into each of them. . . . → Read More: Beer Fault class at Maltose Express

Two Roads Brewery Visit

On Tuesday, July 17th 2013 we visited the Two Roads Brewery in Stratford Ct. It was great to see the rapid progress they are making converting the old U.S. Baird manufacturing plant in Stratford into a modern brewery. The brew house, which is being built and installed by Rolec of Germany, will be fully automated . . . → Read More: Two Roads Brewery Visit

Wine Season Newsletter 2012

Super Cabernet Sauvignon Grapes from a Greek owned vineyard in Lodi CA



MALTOSE EXPRESS 246 Main Street (Rte 25) Monroe, CT 06468

Phone: 203-452-7332


Web site


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The grape harvest . . . → Read More: Wine Season Newsletter 2012

July 2012 Brewing Class at Maltose Express

We held our fourth introductory brewing class of 2012 at Maltose Express on Saturday July 14th. There were 33 attendees and Tess and Mark brewed a clone of Hooky Bitter, a great British ordinary bitter. This is a 3.6% alcohol beer that is fermented with a fruity English Yeast. It’s a perfect session beer and . . . → Read More: July 2012 Brewing Class at Maltose Express

Maltose Express at the 2012 Bridgeport Arts Festival

On Saturday July 7th Maltose Express was one of the exhibitors at the 3rd annual Bridgeport Arts Festival. We put on a brewing demo showing the crowd how to brew our clone extract version of Founders Centennial Ale. There was a nice crowd at the festival who enjoyed over 100 vendors’s booths. We also served . . . → Read More: Maltose Express at the 2012 Bridgeport Arts Festival

Ruby Street Brewing System up and running at Maltose Express

We brewed our first beer with the Ruby Street Brewing System on Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012. The system has three 15.5 gallon stainless steel pots and we used one for the sparge water, one that has a false bottom for the mash and the second that has a false bottom for the boil. The pump . . . → Read More: Ruby Street Brewing System up and running at Maltose Express

Lodi Super Cabernet vines in the spring

We have been selling the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from the Greek Gardens in Lodi for the last two years since we visited the vineyard and looked at these grapes before the harvest in 2010. Here are some pictures from the vineyard this spring and some pictures from early September 2010. This vineyard is well taken . . . → Read More: Lodi Super Cabernet vines in the spring

Truro Winery

We visited the Truro Winery in Truro, Cape Cod the weekend before Memorial Day 2012 and were impressed with the quality of their wines. The winery has been owned and operated by the Roberts family since 2007 and we tasted 5 wines during our tasting. Their un-oaked Chardonnay and their Cabernet Franc, both of which . . . → Read More: Truro Winery